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When taking out Copenhagen that it is the capital of Denmark and is also considered as the biggest city in the country. The most visited city in the country both by local and  international tourist is also Copenhagen. Different events and festivals are located in the city, as well as  the number of parks and museums and that, is why many people visit it. A financial and economic center of Denmark is what Copenhagen is also considered. A good form of transportation is what you will be able to experience in Copenhagen. Due to the many health benefits being brought about by cycling there are also many people that are embracing it in the city. Knowing where you will be able to stay in the city is  always important especially when you are a tourist. There are many places to stay in copenhagen and that is what we will be talking about in this article. 


It is near the city centre that you should be booking your hotel or the place that you will stay when visiting Copenhagen. Gaining access to other areas can be done by you when you will make sure of this one. When choosing a hotel, one of the best places that you can  stay at the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel. It is this one that is located at Toldbodgade 24-28 Street right next to the river. And  since it is located near the river that is  also considered as one of its attraction. A traditional and modern feel is what you will be able to get with this hotel. The very moment that you will visit the hotel that what will strike you will be the brick ceiling as well as the wooden beams. Bringing you back into memory lane is what this feature of the building does. A 366 room capacity is what this hotel also have. It is where you can choose average rooms up tithe high-end ones  which will give you a view of the opera house and Royal Palace.  For the business travelers out there that it is these rooms that will b perfect for them. Whatever room you will choose that you will be able to get a  24-hour concierge service. Inside the hotel that you can also find a laundry service as well as a free wifi connection. Check out what options you have at


The moment that it is near the harbor that you would want to stay that you can also choose the 71 Nyhavn Hotel. Whenyouowill take a look at this hotel that it is  a warehouse converted into a hotel. There are 150 differ rooms to chose from this hotel. A great view of the river is what you will also get with this hotel. When you will choose this one that what you will get is a European themed hotel.